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Yoga… Can it have benefits in a bedtime routine?

This week I talked to Hannah from Tadasana Yoga. I’ve been looking for ways to include yoga into bedtime routines and Hannah had some great ideas.

Hannah’s philosophy for yoga is age inclusive;

“I've been teaching yoga for 5 years, and I love to share my passion with others through my classes. My philosophy is that yoga can be of benefit to absolutely everybody, regardless of age, and is not exclusively for the strong, the flexible or the spiritual. Yoga is not just what we do on our mats or in a studio - yoga is the sense of ease and connection with the world around us that we create through our practice, and carry with us on our journey through life.”

I’m really interested in incorporating different ways for children to de-stress and relax before bedtime. I asked Hannah what she thought the benefits of yoga would be for children…

“Yoga is a healthy way for children to move their bodies, in a nonjudgmental and non-competitive environment. Aside from physical benefits, yoga helps children to develop concentration and mindfulness skills, builds self awareness and confidence, and allows them to become more in tune with their inner world of emotions and feelings.”

“Yoga as part of a bedtime routine is less about teaching poses, and more about guiding children (and parents!) to a calming, peaceful bedtime experience.”

Together we’ve decided to work on something really exciting to incorporate into my best-selling package. The “Lullaby Bedtime Success Package” aimed at children from two years to eight years.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

If you want to see more of Hannah's work then head over to and have a look at her fantastic classes and events!

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