The big move! When and how to move your little one to their own bedroom!

The excitement of a new nursery or child's bedroom is second to none. But, do we consider our little ones when we're designing their rooms.

Let's first talk about when to make the big move..... The Lullaby Trust recommends that the safest place for a baby to sleep is a separate baby cot or Moses basket, in the same room as its parents for the first six months of life. This includes naps by day as well as night time sleeps. This is said to help reduce the chance of SIDs.

On a personal note, the right time can be any time from 6 months onwards and there is no judgement here! But, once you've made the decision to move them to their own room. Whether that may be because they snore like a train or, maybe you do.? It could be to aid everyone's sleep, or you have a new arrival on their way whatever the reason. There are some top tips here to make the transition easier.

The Right time is different for everyone!

The move to their own room can sometimes cause some anxiety and stress. Try to keep some things familiar. If your little one is sleeping in a sleep aid or a sleeping bag keep to this. If they have a soother then make sure they go into the cot with them. If they don't have a soother perhaps, this is the time to introduce a soother?

Don't use the room as a sleep space only. Spend lots of time in the room to make sure your little one feels comfortable in this space. Have lots of play and chill time in here make it a fun space to avoid creating anxiety from entering the room.

Try to introduce daytime naps and nighttime sleep in the new cot at the same time. This will help make the space more familiar quicker!

Preparing your Little Ones new space...

  • Keep the cot clear! This is important. No fancy bumpers or draped blankets. (lullaby trust recommended).

  • Make sure the room is dark enough to promote good sleep. I love light airy rooms that look fantastic on Pinterest but a good pair of blackout curtains/blinds are essential to help our babies melatonin increase.

Top Tips...

  • Make sure you place your baby with their feet touching the end of the cot. This helps them to sense the space and feel "grounded". It also stops them from shuffling around the bed space.

  • Invest in a red light to put in their room to use during restless nights and for night feeds.

  • Introduce a new sleep aid like white noise to aid the transition

It's the perfect time to introduce a new bedtime routine, sleep coaching or get rid of old habits.

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