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To Bumper or Not to Bumper..... That is the Question!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It's a well-debated subject and often one of much controversy in the baby/maternity and sleep community.

It’s a highly debated subject in the world of infant sleep. Yes, they look fantastic on Pinterest and Instagram but are they safe? Your little one may get the odd arm or leg stuck in a cot gap but they'll soon let you know about it. Would they be able to let you know if there were to get their head stuck while they were sleeping? It's unfortunately the harsh truth of the matter.

“Baby retailers need to think twice before selling these products or at the very least we need to see consistent safety standards for cot bumpers across Europe and clearer warning messages on all packaging." (lullaby trust org).

"The Lullaby Trust recommends all parents remove cot bumpers following a new study showing the number of infant deaths and injuries attributed to cot bumpers in the USA has spiked significantly in recent years."

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If you're considering a bumper I advise you to do your research and head over to . As a certified sleep coach and maternity nurse I am not legally allowed to work with families who use a bumper due to all advise being against them It would be noted as neglagence.

I think the world we live in supports and entertains the mindset of the more we buy our little ones the better they are cared for. We are bombareded in childrens shops with the perfect products yet! Are they actually safe? Well the truth is when "desinging" your little ones sleep space it doesn't need to be perfect for the gram. It needs to be a flat firm surface with appropriate bedding for the age of your little one. The safest cot is a clear cot.

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