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Can you sleep coach with a nanny?

With the current COVID restrictions starting to lift lot’s of families I work with are preparing to go back to work and are looking to make a change to their childcare logistics. Lots of you are opting for a nanny. So, the big question today was can you enter a sleep coaching program with a nanny?

Would there be enough consistency? Does it work if it’s not the parents?

As an ex-nanny, I know my feelings on this matter but I wanted to talk to Carly Lucas from Real Nannies who is a specialist in placing nannies with families. She focuses on finding “real” nannies to work with “real” families tackling all areas of raising a child together.

The Chat!...

I’ll cut out the formalities and get down to the nitty-gritty that we all want to know:

Lucy “A lot of potential families who would like to start sleep coaching are worried about starting a program as they have a nanny during the day and they’ve asked if they can sleep train while they have a nanny."

"My personal view on this is YES… as long as you have a nanny who is on board. How would you as also an ex-nanny feel and your nannies from Real Nannies feel?"

Carly “We could definitely aid in sleep care. Our main focus on hiring nannies is their willingness. A huge part of the nanny family dynamic is working as a team so anything that can benefit the family, the nanny and especially the children then we are on board!"

Lucy "Another aspect that has come up is how will we know the nanny will implement the program."

Carly "Again this is something that before this we would hope that the foundation of a relationship is there to be able to take this journey on together. This is something we strive for from the beginning of the nanny placement. We start this by training with the nanny and we also do this with the family. We send out lots of information on expectations".

Lucy "as an ex-nanny yourself as am I... When families bring in a specialist how does that make you feel and how to parents make that process easier for them."

Carly "Sleep coaching, weaning, specialist behaviour training, lactation aiding, etc Our nannies are not expected to specialize in these areas. They require years of education. Nannies are expected to take a holistic approach to aid raise children but they aren’t required to have specialist knowledge. I myself will specialize in some areas but sleep is not one of them. SO if I had been required to work with a sleep consultant I would have seen that as an opportunity to learn more about that subject. I’d be quite excited actually."

Lucy " You're right! I think that’s really important for families not to expect these specialist subjects from nannies. I think we need to remember nannies should be there to give support but we’re not all going to be experts on all areas of childcare."

Carly "Becoming a specialist or a consultant is a different direction and it’s important families understand this and talk this through with their nanny. Nannies can only work on their past experiences from their past roles which my not be a well-rounded view on a subject."

Lucy “As a sleep consultant, I have generally worked with the parents I would like to find a way to incorporate the nanny into the process. Nannies may be doing the majority of the sleep coaching and I feel they need to be a larger part of the discussion?"

Carly “I think the essential parts of the sleep coaching planning would need to incorporate the nanny. Again this needs to be communicated by the parents. They need to have this open conversation with the nanny to make sure she’d be on board. They would need to work out with the sleep consultant when and where they’d be needed on zoom calls, emails, WhatsApp etc.”

Lucy “exactly we want the whole team on board as one. For sleep coaching to be successful we need consistency and continuity. We don’t want any areas of competition just a response as a whole.”

“So moving forward you would say that the parents and the nanny would need to have made a plan to work together so that I could converse with the nanny and the parents."

Carly "yes you would need to trust in the nanny/ family relationship. Like the communication, we’ve talked about in finding the perfect and successful match between nannies and families. So with regards to incorporating the nanny into the zoom calls and the feedback. Is that something you’d be happy to do and would that be at an extra cost?”

Lucy “100 per cent I would love for the nanny to be there. There’d be no extra charge. Essentially, I need to get as much information on this child as possible and for that to happen I need to have all careers present. I would like the nanny to be in cooperated with the sessions and the feedback so the daily updates of sleep and behaviour. However, I don’t want to step into the nannies personal time.”

Carly “That’s again where the relationship would come back in. The parents and the nanny would need to make a plan between them and come to you together. The nanny/parents would need to decide on the communication and how that is relayed to you.”

Lucy “So you would encourage your nannies are Real nannies to be part of a sleep coaching program?”

Carly “100% Our roles as nannies are to enhance family life. Sleep is essential and we understand that!”

SO I think what we’ve concluded is that if when we enter a family/nanny relationship we need to take the approach that Carly takes when placing her nannies. We need strong bonds with the same philosophies and be on board for making positive holistic changes. Carly views childcare in the same way as I do and I would love to work with one of her nannies.

Do you think you’d have the same approach with your nanny? I’d love some feedback on others experiences of sleep coaching with more than the parents as the main caregivers.

Has this inspired you to work with a nanny? head over to

A 10 year plus (let's not be too specific) throwback of us starting our childcare careers with each other! Who knew we'd be here now!

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