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About Lullaby Lucy 

Lucy Carter

Certified Baby Sleep Consultant & Maternity Nurse

I entered the world of childcare 17 years ago. It’s been a fascinating journey, that has taken me around the world.  The diverse ways we all choose to raise our children has been something that has intrigued my passion for childcare and inspires me to promote individuality to each child and family I work with.  


One factor that resounds throughout my experience is how essential sleep is to the family unit.  

 My varied childcare experience has given me a unique view on how to tailor each individual child’s sleep, by taking a holistic approach to sleep guidance.  My aim is to reduce cortisol before sleep by incorporating an easy stress-free, screen-free bedtime routine. 

After years of working and studying the neurobiology of sleep and sleep strategies within children I decided sleep consultancy is where I can help families most.  


My Philosophy

My Philosophy is simple. 


We all need sleep to function to be the best version of ourselves.  Children are the same and there is always a reason why they're not sleeping.  I aim to diagnose the reason why a child is not sleeping and find a method to help their sleep health using tried and tested methods, tailored to their individual needs. 

We work together to find the solution that will work best for your family.  My approach is gentle and evidence based.  I strive to reduce cortisol and anxiety using scientifically proven, sleep guidance methods.  I understand the importance of a child’s individuality and no method is “one-size fits all” so we work together to  improve yours and your child’s sleep health.   

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