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Let's talk about Sleep....

Let me help you find a solution that will work best for your family.  My approach is gentle and evidence based, using a holistic approach.  I strive to reduce cortisol and anxiety using scientifically proven sleep guidance methods.


I understand the importance of a child's individuality and no method is "one-size-fits-all".  We work together to improve yours' and your little ones sleep health. 


Lullaby Lucy 

Lucy Carter​

Certified Maternity Nurse and Sleep Educator

I entered the world of childcare 17 years ago. It’s been a fascinating journey that has taken me around the world.  The diverse ways we all choose to raise our children has been something that has intrigued my passion for childcare.  It inspires me to promote individuality to each child and family I work with.  One factor that resounds throughout my experience is how essential sleep is to the family unit. 



With Lullaby Lucy

To get started we will have a free of charge chat.  Either over the phone or via email to touch base and evaluate our next steps.  All of our solutions come with a free evaluation, a new tailor-made bedtime routine/guide and access to my screen-free bonding activities


All of the solutions and “training” techniques that I use or recommend are gentle and proven methods.

Baby mobile

Sleep Pattern


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Personal tailored advice

Baby blocks

Custom Sleep

Plan & Routine


Anxiety reducing activities 

Sleeping Baby



Sleeping baby

Lullaby Family Testimonials....

"Before talking to Lucy we had an anxious little boy who was suffering with separation anxiety.  A few tips (that felt like magic) has completely changed not only his sleep but his general mood.  We now have such a happy child!" 

The Wyness Family

"I will be forever thankful for the help Lucy has given our family.  It's made all the difference.  We are all finally getting the rest we need.  I can't recomend her services enough."

The Reed Family

"Wow, life with sleep!  I didn't realise how much we all needed it/missed it.  Our time with Lucy has completely changed our family dynamic for the better!  Thank you just isn't enough."

The Beckett Family

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